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About the Game

Paper Pirates is a team based social deduction game that uses mobile phones and tablets as its controllers. Take control of your very own pirate ship and issue commands to your fellow shipmates, will they obey or disobey your command?

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The game is currently in version 2.3.0.

Ahoy shipmates! We be headin’ home with a bounty of gold! But what’s that? The captain’s ghost be hauntin’ the crew and wants his treasure back! Can ye last long enough to make it to shore? Or will ye be throwin’ treasure overboard as a ghost?

Paper Pirates is a social deduction game for 1 to 10 players, so bring along your best crew, see who you can trust, and who’ll be going overboard! Everyone connects to the game with an internet-enabled device, so everyone can play! And once you’ve got your crew together you can set sail on your adventure!

How to Play Paper Pirates

Useful Game Information

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Paper Pirates 2.0 Trailer


Patch Notes Date
2.3 Fashionable 01/09/2020
2.2 Timely 01/08/2020
2.1 Portraits 04/07/2020
2.0 Objectives 08/06/2020
1.4 Eventful 09/05/2020
1.3 Custom Games 10/04/2020
1.2 Chat and Hats 27/03/2020
1.1 Streamers 13/03/2020
1.0 Game released! 28/02/2020

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